Communicate with art and music, or with the live show as a universal ideal tool to engage audiences of all ages in the story telling, in the entertainment places, in the diffusion of contents.
Each theme has its own language and the blend of integrated arts – theatre, dance, music, singing, visual arts – can range in all genres, from musicals to big concerts, from the minimal performance to the show with hundreds of artists on stage. And every time it will be a unique, unprecedented show, thought especially for you.

The production of INTEGRATED ARTS (directed for Assoartisti Confesercenti Genova)

The production of Integrated Arts, is the possibility of creating artistic mixtures between different show disciplines (live music, dance, singing, acting, mime) as part of a unique show. The aim is not only to acquire a dialogue between the artists, but to offer the public varied, exciting performances, and to be able to offer even a single show of a very high artistic level to a diverse audience
The national show “Mediterrarte” takes place every year in Genoa at Arena del Mare and is directed by Stefania Bertini for the Assoartisti Confesercenti Genoa. Its growing success from year to year is the confirmation of the aroused interest in this project. The mixture of the arts as a language to express any theme or consideration on a predetermined subject and shared by the artists is the cultural key of this idea.


Dance in the Museums: dance, in its different disciplines (classic, contemporary, jazz, swing, ethnic, tango, etc.) is like a moment of entertainment of art and paintings in famous buildings. It is a silent guide, yet musical, which includes activities for the young and not so young. Through “Dance in the Museums”, a host of events between 2008 and 2011 brought highly talented dancers into the exhibitions of Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Rosso in Genoa followed by thousands spectators. Following these unique events, these same spectators often then commented on these shows via the web which inspired other Italian cities to appraise their art collections and offer similar activities.


Vasco Rossi, Luciano Ligabue, Franco Battiato, Fiorella Mannoia, Ornella Vanoni, Luca Bizzarri e Paolo Kessissoglu, Claudio Bisio, Neri Marcoré, Elio e le Storie Tese, Raffaele Paganini, Maurizio Lauzi, Gianpiero e Gianfranco Reverberi are just some of the artists who in recent years have worked with us in our shows.

To sing of human rights, to talk about a good friend who is not with us anymore, to play on crucial issues of history……a themed show or a concert thought up for a special occasion can become an memorable event. And, when a public administration or a cultural foundation expresses and represents itself and the public shares the thrill, it becomes a moment never to forget.
Our talent is “connecting the dots”, creating new and engaging meetings, allowing the artistic genius to emerge outside the usual patterns and the usual formats. We propose all kinds of live entertainment, from pop to songwriters, from classical and contemporary to opera, ethnic and folk, always with different suggestions and working with the most beloved artists and young talents.