Edu.Re Young

Young people have always been our passion.

We are dedicated to them for over thirty years… educating, teaching, developing, creating, for them special projects, enhancing their talents, bringing to light their own peculiarities, making them grow up to be better men and women.
And our job is to make visible, unforgettable, protagonists the persons with their stories and skills, with their most authentic qualities, with their dreams and personality.
In recent years many young people have worked with us, specializing their skills, learning how to be successful in front of any kind of challenge, in front of the public, the stage, territorial and international projects.

edure young

We have listened to their dreams and their fears, we have seen them blossom and become famous, we have understood how to find their weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
We get passionate about their stories and we have learned that inside every “ugly duckling” there is always a swan that has not yet been recognized.
We know from experience how difficult it is today to find a job, but we are sure that the first necessary step is to have your own listeners, who help you make things clear, those who understand your fears and weaknesses redirecting them to a determined itinerary.

For this reason we have created Young, a service created by experts of training and communication to offer to young people who find themselves in the delicate transition from the end of a training course to the entrance in the world of work in combination with indispensable tools to be presented to those who have to select them and choose them.
In a few personal meetings we can transfer those elements of awareness and self-confidence that sometimes transform a situation of embarrassment in a moment of growth and satisfaction.

Work programme (4-5 Individual sessions):

– Recognize one’s talent and identify the right career path
– Work on self-confidence
– To know how to communicate
– To know how to speak in public
– Confront and overcome your insecurities
– To know how to be presented in the right way in every context
– Improve the language skills (Italian-English)
– Develop an effective curriculum
– To possess a professional videocurriculum
– To know how to write a job application
– To recognize and act as a resource in a new working environment
– Work in teamwork
– To know how to manage emotions and stress in the workplace
– Learn to interpret all personal experiences
– To be the protagonists of your own story

In each one of us there is a hidden treasure. We can help you find it out and present it to those who at the moment are looking for you!

Come visit us for a free meeting. We will study together what we can do for you and we will propose you our estimate of costs that best suits your needs.